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I am proud to say that I am participating in National Write a Novel in a Month this year. It has been an interesting ten days, the first six of which went smoothly. I was able to meet my daily quota of 1,667 words per day for several days in a row, until a friend of mine with marital issues called to chat. We all know how that goes. So ever since then, I've been behind just a smidgen. But with the holiday tomorrow, I'll be sure to catch up. Those 50k words aren't going to write themselves!

My outline has gone to hell in a waste basket, but it's ok. My characters have decided to alter their personalities without my consent, but that too is ok, because at the end of this month, I will have something - fifty thousand words worth of something that I can take and mold into a cohesive piece, and that will be the most amazing feeling ever.


Happy Birthday to Me.

Today is my birthday and I've been sick all day. I ate curry last night at the Cheesecake Factory, and have only one question for myself. WHY? How could I forget what curry dishes do to me? I woke up this morning at 4:30am dizzy and nauseated and it's pretty much lasted all day. Ugh!  However; I am thankful for another year of good health, my ongoing successful weight loss, the health of my kids and family, my job and a host of other things. Things could be worse on my birthday. Things could be much worse.

A very close (supposed) friend of mine let me down in a major way today. It's kind of unnecessarily complicated and ridiculous, and I'm not going to let it completely ruin my birthday mood because this year is going to be different. I have a job to do.

A new chapter in my life is beginning and I want to be the author of my own story. I need to stop leaving things to chance, to destiny. I will make my own destiny. That's my motto for this year. I will make my own destiny.

So lift a glass of chocolate wine and toast along with me. Happy Birthday to Me.

A Bad Taste

It is amazing to me how mean humans can sometimes be. You would think that if someone has tried to be helpful, patient, understanding and available, that their efforts would mean something. Sometimes they do, and other times they don't.

I guess it's a matter of what's on the inside of a person's heart. Is it dark in there? Or is it void of the most basic elements like compassion, empathy and love? I don't know. Maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe not, but it seems to me that too many people these days take for granted the good in their lives without taking stock of how blessed they truly are.

Words like jealousy, envy, bitterness, unforgiveness...they all pop into mind when dealing with this type of person. Sometimes it's enough to make you not want to even bother.

One thing is for sure...the time comes when enough is enough and that's all that's left to say. There is nothing more, except maybe....good riddance?  Or maybe...I wish you the best.  I guess it depends on the person, but when it's all said and done all that's left is a bad taste. Time to move on. 

Slam Dunk

WELL, aren't we halfway through the work week. It's moving along pretty smoothly. So far no major controversies or issues. I am looking forward to having lunch out with two coworkers on Friday. I have a feeling that gossip will be the main course...

I managed to get my U2 tickets on Monday for the show in the DC area. It's listed as being a Washington, DC show,  it's not. They're playing at Redskin's Stadium, and I believe the town is Largo, Maryland, but I don't care enough to be sure. So not DC folks. At any rate, I was very happy to get my tickets. I almost literally had to do some Kung Fu to get them, but in the end and after paying nearly $20x4 in fees per ticket on top of their $55x4 price, we ended up with a hefty $300+ total. Lovely. 

I picked up my brand new eyeglasses with Transitions Lenses on Sunday, and ended up ordering a pair of prescription sunglasses as well. They're really cute with a dragon fly on the handle. I love them. What is up with me and the eyes this month? So far it's been an eye exam, a box of contacts and not one but two pair of prescription glasses. What's next? Laser eye surgery?

Today we attended a mock trial at a very real court house with a very real judge. I think our team won. We won't find out until all the points are tallied, but I think it's a slam dunk.


Tick-tock the Work Week Goes...

It's Saturday evening and just like that, the weekend's almost over. I hate that. Where does it go? Tomorrow brings Sunday, church and then the week starts right on up again. It's crazy. I feel like I am living for the weekend. People curse Monday and act like it's Monday's fault they have to go back to work. Monday is an innocent bystander, but it gets such an ugly rap. Tuesday doesn't have it much easier, having to put up with residual pissed-it’s-Monday-ness. Wednesday is the day that all the weekend's late hours have  finally caught up and sleeping at one’s desk becomes a most favoured pastime. Then comes Thursday. Thursday is a much welcomed day, although if I were Thursday, I'd have a serious complex. All day long, people go around talking about how it's "almost Friday". Smiles start to reappear on the faces of the weary as the clouds of the work week slowly begin to part, allowing a glimpse into the future – Friday is almost here. Let the rejoicing begin!

Finally Friday rolls around and the real countdown begins. Every hour on the hour, people announce how many hours remain in the work day, timing each second closer to freedom. When quitting time finally arrives, the smiles on people's faces and the pep in their steps speak volumes. It's the weekend! Then what? It lasts two days and before you know it, you’re back at work starting the 5-day countdown all over again. As thankful as I am for my job, I sometimes find my self participating in the countdown right around Thursday. This week, I’m going to just thank God for my job daily instead of counting down and see how fast or not the week goes.


Just Another Day

Today was ok. I went to work and did all the things I'm supposed to do and maybe a few I shouldn't, but overall it was a decent day.  What I'm waiting for is a phenomenal day. An awesome day.  A BEAUUUUUTIFUL Day. This is the thing. Yesterday, my friend who-shall-remain-unnamed-because-I-am-still-pissed-off-at-him-with-no-end-in-sight, got to meet Bono AND take a picture with him. I cannot tell you how very envious I am. No, it's not the end of the world, and to be quite truthful on the frank side, I'm over it, but it's just so unfair!  And do you know what he said to make me "feel better"? After having called me on the phone to totally gloat, he uttered, "At least you can show the picture to your friends and say a friend of yours got to meet Bono..."  Can someone please tell me exactly what good that's going to do me?! Glory by proxy? I think not. HMPH!

Tweet, Tweet

I've started twittering or tweeting, or (however you want to say it), lately and it's been fun. I am so late to the game though. I just heard about Twitter last month when Erika Badu made the news for tweeting all through labor, which I found extremely over-the-top, but to each his/her own. I don't like Erika Badu, but I have still been meaning to check out her labor tweets... So after hearing about Badu on the news, my friend shows me his tweets and for about a  week, every time he mentions it, all I have to say is,"that is so stoooopid!" But then I tried it.  How do I like it? I think it's safe to say that Tweeting is my crack. (Who knew!?) Turns out tweeting is so popular that the site frequently becomes over-taxed with high volume issues. It makes me wonder  what the next "big thing" on the internet is going to be. I mean, who knew 5, 7 years ago that a site that lets people post silly, seemingly unimportant tidbits about what they're doing would catch the attention of major news networks, politicians and celebrities as well as every day folk. It's something you have to try to fully appreciate. One thing's for sure... it truly helps stave off boredom when out and about. I find that I tweet the most when bored waiting for someone or something - like for certain unnamed individuals to get to the friggin' car. Then there's the endless entertainment aspect of following the likes of John Mayer and Ashton Kutcher on Twitter. I have to say that I've laughed more since I started tweeting than I did before, which can't be a bad thing. I'm in the process of trying to recruit several of my friends and family members so that we can all tweet our little hearts out, but enough about Twitter, it's not like I'm getting paid for this long blogertizment!