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Slam Dunk

WELL, aren't we halfway through the work week. It's moving along pretty smoothly. So far no major controversies or issues. I am looking forward to having lunch out with two coworkers on Friday. I have a feeling that gossip will be the main course...

I managed to get my U2 tickets on Monday for the show in the DC area. It's listed as being a Washington, DC show,  it's not. They're playing at Redskin's Stadium, and I believe the town is Largo, Maryland, but I don't care enough to be sure. So not DC folks. At any rate, I was very happy to get my tickets. I almost literally had to do some Kung Fu to get them, but in the end and after paying nearly $20x4 in fees per ticket on top of their $55x4 price, we ended up with a hefty $300+ total. Lovely. 

I picked up my brand new eyeglasses with Transitions Lenses on Sunday, and ended up ordering a pair of prescription sunglasses as well. They're really cute with a dragon fly on the handle. I love them. What is up with me and the eyes this month? So far it's been an eye exam, a box of contacts and not one but two pair of prescription glasses. What's next? Laser eye surgery?

Today we attended a mock trial at a very real court house with a very real judge. I think our team won. We won't find out until all the points are tallied, but I think it's a slam dunk.
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